International Bilingual Montessori School - Frankfurt am Main
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The Infant School The Infant School
The Infant School The Infant School

Reception Classes (ages 5 - 7)

Children who are five years old before July 1st of a given calendar year may apply to the Infant school (Reception classes). Once accepted, they are considered to be early school beginners and are subject to all the regulations of the State of Hessen regarding children who are required to attend school.

Two teachers are in charge of the group, which is between 20 and 25 children. The school day is divided into free work (Montessori time), the language projects together with the children in the German classes, and formal group instruction. The Infant school is a two-year program and serves as a transition between the Pre-school and the Primary school.

During the two years of the English Reception classes, the children learn to read and write, first by printing and then through connected handwriting. They become confident in working with numbers up to 20, and achieve a good understanding of higher numbers through the use of Montessori material. Generally all the learning goals of the curriculum of the State of Hessen are well achieved, and many children surpass these goals in many areas.

Also, German is taught as a second language. The children learn to understand and practice the spoken language in simple situations. They are not yet expected to produce grammatically correct sentences, and they are not yet introduced to reading or writing in German.

Although occasional play periods are still appropriate, the emphasis is nonetheless on academic learning. The children practise planning their schoolwork, organising their time and setting priorities. They become accustomed to the idea that goals and plans, once they have been set, must also be adhered to.

The transition to the Primary school takes place when the learning goals have been reached, and when the child has developed a conscientious attitude and the study techniques that will be necessary to meet the goals of the Primary school.

August 2017